Ernesto Nathan Rogers. The slogan “dal cucchiaio alla città” (From the spoon to the city) explains the typical approach of the Italian architect designing a spoon, a chair, a lamp or a skyscraper.

I always found this approach very effective in its simplicity and I think it summarizes my philosophy of architecture. At the basis of any design there is creativity, no matter what the subject is. Creativity then needs to be supported by technical skills that allow ideas to turn into construction, it’s that simple!


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pedestrian bridge

in a world in which planning  and building projects  are becoming ever more complex, robby cantarutti and partners consciously opts for a multidisciplinary approach. Our team of industrial designers , architects and urban planner  landscape architects develops and conducts projects on all scales together .  From our offi ces in Udine  we are active on projects in many places all over the world. We are united by professionalism and team spirit. We are driven by curiosity and enthusiasm. For us, each individual project is of paramount importance and we are fi rmly committed to supporting our clients. We draw on decades of experience com-bined with simple ideas and new project methods. Alongside our classic fields of work, i.e. designing offices and housing, and providing urban planning and design services,  we are active in a number of specialist fi elds . It goes without saying that our objective is to cre-ate resource-saving, energy-effi cient cities, neighborhoods, and buildings. Our designs fol-low function and place. Our clear architectural idiom relies on paying special attention to the selection of materials and the details and a new kind of life. It can only be realized with a long develop of search and consistency and commitment . In this way we guaran-tee the quality our clients expect and which is likewise the standard we have set ourselves.